Gastronomy in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a gastronomic magnet field and Michelin stars have rained like manna from the sky over the many star chefs such as Rene Redzepi (Noma), Rasmus Kofoed (Geranium), Torsten Vildgaard (Studio), Matt Orlando (Amass) who unfold their creativity in the city’s many restaurants. The selection of restaurants of the highest quality is booming with many possibilities for gourmet experiences in both ends of the price scale.


Here we have gathered a list of our own favorites. Quality tested by us, naturally. If we can assist you with table reservations, please contact us at


Excellent restaurants in Copenhagen


In the beautiful old warehouse previously occupied by Noma, Thorsten Schmidt serves elegant interpretations of Northern European classic dishes. The name Barr, an old word for barley, gives a clue to the restaurant’s great interest in fantastic beer. The food is sharp and creative, and the service is fresh and relaxed. Perfect for both the big dining experience or a few smaller servings paired with exciting beers from local microbreweries.


Restaurationen is the ’classic’ restaurant experience at it’s very best. Husband and wife team Lis and Bo Jacobsen greet you with tables set with beautiful Royal Copenhagen tableware, and the proud and attentive hosts serve delicious contemporary Danish cuisine. The cheese is of course served from a cart. Restaurationen sits elegantly between classic and modern, which results in a very stylish yet relaxed and cosy dining experience.


Restaurant Geist is a fantastic modern dining experience. Head chef Bo Bech serves some of the most stunning simple plates often with only 2-3 elements, and manages to create real excitement in taste and aesthetics. The menu has many small servings that can be ordered one at a time until one cannot eat anymore. You really get value for money at Geist, and the stylish interior with low lighting and pulsing ambient music sets a very unique atmosphere. Our recommendation is to get seats at the food bar surrounding the enormous open kitchen from where you have a great view to the amazingly choreographed preparation of your food.


The location of restaurant Amass at Refshaleøen (a former industrial area/island) gives occasion to a rather romantic arrival by water with the harbour bus. From the last stop on the harbour bus route (10 minutes from the hotel), you will follow a narrow concrete pathway and arrive in the restaurant’s great vegetable garden lit by two blazing bonfires. Former head chef at Noma Matt Orlando, has created a beautiful, modern and welcoming restaurant in this space. The food is highly innovative with great focus on sustainability and local produce. A great gastronomic and aesthetic experience in a price range just below the Michelin starred restaurants.


Through their down-to-earth hospitality the ’Bornholm-boys’ at Kadeau have created something very unique with their Michelin starred restaurant by Christianshavn. In their own words, they “grow, harvest, preserve, serve and love Bornholm" (Danish island in the Baltic Sea). It is their great love for what they do which makes your voyage through the twenty-something servings one that resonates deep within the heart. The servings are stunning, innovative and often with strong reference to nature – also a factor that carries you away to a beautiful place, Bornholm maybe.


A Michelin starred restaurant with great focus on indulgent flavours. The servings are innovative and sharp, but head chef Torsten Vildgaard swears to great taste before technique and strict dogma. The restaurant is situated at The Standard – a beautiful, modernised toll house at the waterfront with three restaurants and an exclusive jazz club.


Koefoed is clearly driven by the terroir of the Danish island Bornholm and tells a great story through what they do. The walls are decorated with beautiful photographs of the island and the pigs that they raise there with the greatest ‘Bornholm’-love. The food is very tasteful, modern and precise. The wine list is huge and reveals the owners great love for old and very old Bordeaux wines.


And now for something completely different – as a fresh detour from the Nordic gastronomy restaurant, Llama serves sharp and modern dishes inspired by the Latin and South American kitchen. The atmosphere is very vibrant, and behind the night club-esque interior design is the world renowned Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG-Architects). At weekends, as the evening’s last deserts are served, the DJ will take his place behind the turntables, and fresh South American cocktails are shaken behind the bar.


Copenhagen has been enriched by its first lobster restaurant, and we are so blessed to have it just around the corner from our hotel. Restaurant Hummer serves lobster (hummer = lobster in Danish) in many different interpretations. Hummer differs from the many touristy Nyhavn restaurants on many points, foremost through the focusing on quality and warm hospitality, and on great lobster and its best friend Champagne.

Union Kitchen

Union Kitchen is a cosy place to hang out at any time of day. In the morning they serve a great breakfast to suit any hunger – from a soft-boiled egg to their Hangover Burger (served with a shot of Fernet). Around lunch time you will find a mix of coffee drinkers and lunch guests, and in the evening their ‘Balls and all’ take over the menu with balls served in numerous variations. At weekends, the place is packed till late evening with cocktail and wine drinkers. A little laid back place with lots of life and charm.


Beautiful, honest and elegant Italian food made of great produce. The décor is raw and the service is relaxed but attentive. No pizzas but great freshly made pasta. Rarely for Copenhagen, Barabba keeps the stove fired until 2AM most days of the week.


The old meatpacking district in Copenhagen has become a hotspot for restaurants and bars. The white-tiled butcher shops have been taken over by ambitious restaurants, and the atmosphere is quite unique. Restaurant Gorilla in one of the frontrunners, and as guest you are treated with a bombardment of small servings with huge flavour. The tables are close together, and the place is often packed, which adds to the special vibe of the meatpacking district.

Nærvær wine bar

The wine bar connected to the ambitious restaurant Nærvær (‘Presence’) is a fantastic keyhole to a great wine experience in plush chairs and great views of the canal. The food, small light snacks, come from the same kitchen that send guests skyways gastronomically (and financially). If you take a tour through the small servings while enjoying their good wine, you will leave pleasantly full. The trip home to our hotel takes you over the Copenhagen Inner Bridge, which almost reaches door to door.

The Corner – restaurant 108

On the corner of Michelin starred restaurant 108, you will find a lovely little café. Here they bake some of Copenhagen’s most creative pastries and serve great coffee and delicious wine. The café also serves simple, light dishes from morning till evening. An obvious stop on your way to explore Christianshavn or Refshaleøen.

Bistro Royal

We recommend Bistro Royal for guests seeking a quick and simple dinner of high quality. A simple menu with a good steak, a few fish dishes, quick and friendly service, and a lively atmosphere are Bistro Royal’s recipe for success.

Hija de Sanchez

This tiny taco stand at the Torvehallerne offers something quite special. Behind the enormous maza-morter in the tiny shed, stands former Noma pastry chef Rosio Sanchez, grinding the finest Mexican corn for her tortillas. Forget everything about tex-mex and other deviants – this is the most authentic and tasty tortillas on this side of the Atlantic. With a ‘combo’ (three different tortillas) in one hand and a spicy Michelada (Mexinan beer-drink) in the other, under the open sky, every summer night at Torvehallerne.

Balderdash (Bar)

You will seldom experience such heartfelt hospitality as when walking through the door at Geoffrey Canilao's cocktail bar Balderdash. It is no coincidence that the word ‘Hygge’ (Danish concept of cosyness) is bent in neon over the entrance. But it is not all ‘hygge’ – the wonderful team behind the bar are dead serious about their craft and serve some of the very best cocktails in Copenhagen. Whether you hang out at the bar or sit by the open fireplace on the lower floor, you are in for a very ‘hyggelig’ evening.


Nebbiolo is, not surprisingly, an Italian wine bar built on the owner’s great love for exactly the Nebbiolo grape. They serve great wines to suit all wallets, and during the hours when the evening sun transforms Store Strandstræde into a golden lit oasis, Piemonte meets Copenhagen on the long wooden bench outside Nebbiolo Wine Bar.

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We wish you many wonderful gastronomic experiences when visiting these Copenhagen restaurants and get a taste of Danish gastronomy at its best. Enjoy.