Price guarantee

When you book your hotel room directly at our hotels’ websites, we guarantee that your stay at one of Arp-Hansen’s hotels will be at the best online price.

When comparing Arp-Hansen Hotel Groups prices with other external portals' prices, you must be aware that the number of persons, arrival date, length of stay, room type, cancellation terms and package contents, are the same at both offers before you can make an accurate assessment of prices.

The following Terms and Conditions have to be fulfilled

  • The competing rate must be viewable and bookable to the general public. A bookable rate means that the rate is available and can be reserved online.
  • Most internet Web sites are included in Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s price guarantee. Examples, but not limited to, are,,,
  • If a lower rate is reserved through a website (other than Arp-Hansen Hotel Group websites), Arp-Hansen Hotel Group does not accept liability for any fees incurred due to the cancellation of that reservation. 

Price guarantee does not apply to the following

  • Third party internet sites for examples, but not limited to,,,, and (These are not partners of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, wherefore Arp-Hansen Hotel Group does not accept responsibility or liability for the content of these internet sites).
  • Hotel Rates found in any other currency than Danish Kroner.
  • Special ‘member only rates’ which are only available to members of special programs or associations.
  • ‘Auction type discounts’ offered through other internet sites.
  • Arp-Hansen Hotel Group reserves the right to adjust or terminate the price guarantee at any time and without prior notice.

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