Experience Copenhagen


Nyhavn, Copenhagen's port pearl, which stretches from Kongens Nytorv Square and all the way along the canal. Here you find a lot of interesting small restaurants, historic buildings and a museum and veteran ship port, which only opens to visitors. Nyhavn is full of life and is the Danish favorite meeting place on warm summer days when the port bustles with activity.

Amalienborg og Amaliehaven

Amalienborg, the queen´s official residence, comprises four almost identical baroque palaces encasing a large octagon square. From Saly’s famous horseman at the square´s centre you have a free view of Amaliehaven and the waterfront at one end. and Frederikskirken (Marmorchurch) at the other.


Kongens Nytorv

Kongens Nytorv Square is at the end of the street up towards Nyhavn and is surrounded by beautiful old mansions - including the magnificent Royal Theatre. The recent excavation of the city's subway has found many interesting local history treasures. In the middle stands the equestrian statue of King Christian the 5th and every spring it is tradition for the new student’s to celebrate the day by dancing around the statue.