Different experiences in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a fantastic city with lots of exciting places and experiences. But which different experiences should you not miss when visiting the capital?

Here, we will give you an insight into the hidden and unique experiences you can find in Copenhagen. So read on and find out what awaits you!

Different cultural experiences

When sightseeing in Copenhagen, there are many different cultural experiences that may not necessarily come to mind when planning your day. Read about some of them below.

Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is one of Copenhagen's most enchanting castles, but it is unfortunately often overlooked when talking about the castles to be found in the capital. Amalienborg Castle is often highlighted instead. This is a shame as the castle has a very special history and charmingly beautiful gardens that you shouldn't miss out on.

It is one of the oldest castles in Denmark and the Queen's life guard stands guard and watches over the precious treasures that can be found in the castle. It is possible to enter and see the castle, and here you will, among other things, be able to experience the beautiful winter room or marble chamber.

So Rosenborg Castle is a place you should visit when looking for different experiences in Copenhagen!

Assistens Cemetery

This historic cemetery is worth a visit, where you can explore the old graves and sculptures. Assistens Cemetery is also frequently used by the people of Copenhagen, who, for example, take a walk in the cemetery or enjoy the silence on one of the many benches.

The cemetery is also a tribute to some of Denmark's best artists, poets and writers who are buried here, including H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and Artur Koberg. There are also a number of other interesting monuments and gravestones that you can see and enjoy. Assistens Cemetery is therefore a place you should visit when looking for different and fascinating experiences in Copenhagen.

The Cisterns

The Cisterns in Søndermarken in Frederiksberg is worth a visit. The Cisterns used to be a large water reservoir, but today it is a unique art space that features many art exhibitions that are continuously changing. You get a sensory experience as the darkness, cold, and humidity make you think of forgotten cathedrals and grim catacombs.

It is also possible to go on guided tours so you can get even more out of your visit. Visit The Cisterns for a different cultural adventure that you won't find anywhere else in Denmark.

Nordisk Film - Guided Tour

Nordisk Film in Valby is a great place to visit if you're looking for a different experience. It's here that many famous movies have been made.

You can take a guided tour where you'll get a unique insight into the film industry and the various processes involved in making both long and short films. You'll also see how various technical tools and software are used to make the films as good as possible.

Don't miss out on a tour of Nordisk Film.

Unique experiences outside

There are many hidden green gems around Copenhagen where you can enjoy peace despite being in the heart of the city.

The Garden at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

The garden at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University is a hidden gem in Frederiksberg. There is a wealth of flowers that together create a colourful and lively atmosphere. There are flower beds with flowers in all the colours of the rainbow, such as red geraniums, blue lobelias, and yellow daisies.

There are also large, green lawns that surround the flower beds and provide space to relax and enjoy nature. The many flowers in the garden also attract a variety of insects, such as butterflies and bees, making the garden a popular place for observing wildlife.

All in all, the flowers in the garden at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University are a valuable part of the school's green areas that contribute to both aesthetic beauty and biological diversity.

The Garden of the Danish Horticultural Society

Right next to Frederiksberg Gardens, you will find the Garden of the Danish Horticultural Society. The garden was established back in 1880 and has been passed down through several generations of landscape architects. They have all put their personal touch on the garden without ruining the overall unity.

The garden has a wide selection of wild plants and various cozy areas, such as the Historical Roses, the Herb Garden, and the Peony Garden. Sit down on one of the benches or on the lawn and enjoy rare peace in the middle of a big city.

Every year in June, you can experience a large lifestyle fair in the garden, where more than 100 exhibitors participate. In the stands, you can get inspiration for your garden and home, see art, and taste delicious gastronomy. So, if you are near the garden in June, the fair is definitely worth a visit.

The Citadel

The Citadel in Copenhagen is a unique and different sight because it combines both history, green areas, architecture, and peaceful atmospheres in a unique way. The old fortress, which still stands intact, gives an insight into the city's past, and the architectural beauty of the Garrison Church fascinates visitors.

While walking along the historic ramparts, you can enjoy the view of the city and the Øresund. The Citadel also houses a museum where you can learn more about Denmark's military history.

At the same time, the green areas within the ramparts provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy the peace in the heart of the city. This makes the Citadel a unique and different sight that should definitely be experienced.

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Other experiences in Copenhagen

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